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  1. Premium Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360079 Premium Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360079
    3 Sizes Available


    20% Off Select Overstocks. Discount applied in Cart.

  2. Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360078 Reusable Incontinence Underpad-360078
    3 Sizes Available


    20% Off Select Overstocks. Discount applied in Cart.

  3. Reusable Waterproof Bed Pad-359458 Reusable Waterproof Bed Pad-359458
    2 Options Available

  4. incontinence underpants-312883
    4 Sizes Available

  5. 344835

  6. Sani Pant Pull On, Pink-373800 Sani Pant Pull On, Pink-373800
    5 Sizes Available

  7. Unisex Protective Underwear, Package-347594 Unisex Protective Underwear, Package-347594
    3 Sizes Available

  8. Sani Pant Pull On, 3 pack-351633
    5 Sizes Available

  9. 310579

  10. 344832

  11. 346032

  12. 344830

  13. 344831

  14. 344834

  15. Sani Pant Pull On-304624 Sani Pant Pull On-304624
    5 Sizes Available

  16. 351546

  17. Reusable Incontinence Pad with Odor Control-345498 Reusable Incontinence Pad with Odor Control-345498
    5 Sizes Available

  18. Unisex Protective Underwear - Case-347595 Unisex Protective Underwear - Case-347595
    3 Sizes Available

  19. 344833


Incontinence Products at Miles Kimball

For those individuals who struggle with incontinence due to age, injury or a health condition, it can be a lonely, intimidating and downright scary experience to navigate. At Miles Kimball, we understand that dealing with incontinence, whether it is you, someone you care for or for a loved one, is a highly sensitive and personal issue. Discretion is often the top concern for those who are dealing with incontinence, which followed closely by protection. We offer a great selection of effective incontinence products and incontinence supplies that are delivered directly to your door and can be ordered from the privacy of your home.

Incontinence Products for Men; Incontinence Products for Women

We’ve handpicked products for our customers who are dealing with incontinence. Do you need a lot of protection — or just a little — in your briefs and liners? You can choose your level of protectiveness: we offer bladder control pads that are comfortable and effective to unisex incontinence briefs that offer all-day comfort and protection that you can count on. For overnight protection or for extra protection during the day, our adult plastic pants add an extra layer of security. Many of our products are unisex; however, we also offer both briefs and liners for women, too.

Underpads, Bed Pats, Mattress Protectors

Incontinence products provide different levels of protection for both day and night. For those individuals who need a little more security and mattress protection at night, we offer underpads, bed pads and mattress pads and toppers. This pads and toppers not only add softness to your mattress, they will also help mitigate wetness, staining and damage, so you’ll be able to clean up and care for your belongings with no fuss.

Affordable Home Health Care Solutions

At Miles Kimball, we offer home health care solutions that address all sorts of problems — from head to toe. From eye care and hand care to foot care and mobility products, we offer a fantastic selection of affordable products that will help you solve all sorts of health problems. Shop here for clever daily living aids, braces and supports, cushions as well as medicines and treatments that sooth, support, comfort and give you confidence to get through the day.

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