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Bath & Shower Organization

Many people already spend more time than they’d like to in the bathroom. A space that’s cluttered and messy only adds on to each visit. Bath organization items keep your lavatory neat and orderly so your time will be more pleasant and efficient. Miles Kimball has a large selection of bath organizers that you won’t find anywhere else. Whenever you step into the shower, use the toilet or brush your teeth, you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Bathroom Storage & Shelving

A big part of arranging your bathroom is finding a place to put everything. Our bath storage units create an organized space to store any items you need. Toothbrushes, hand towels, medications, cleaning supplies — you name it, we can help you store it! Floor bathroom cabinets have compartments and/or drawers for placing under the sink or in the corner. If you’re short on space, consider a slim cabinet that’s ideal for linens or toilet paper. Sliding storage racks make it even easier to get to your essentials.

Whimsical Holders & Dispensers

What about when you’re in the shower or bath? Don’t worry — we can assist you with that, too. Wire bathtub caddies, bath tower racks and corner shelves with holes are a must for soap and shampoo. Water instantly drains so you don’t end up with puddles and ruined cleaners. We also sell sink organizers for quick visits to the john. Soap dishes, tissue box holders and cotton ball dispensers make it easy to track these items. Some bathroom holders are shaped like animals or other fun designs to keep things light as you wash your hands.

Shop at Miles Kimball for unique gifts and unexpected finds at an affordable price. These bathroom organization supplies will work well in your washroom and are always a great way to welcome a friend into a new home. We provide the unusual and unexpected while adding practical items to your collection.