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    Buy 2, Save 25% Outdoor Storage & Maintenance


Once you see how easily and abundantly our pre-seeded flower rolls and mats perform, you won’t believe you ever planted a flower garden any other way! These quick and easy seed sheets provide a garden you can be proud of — almost instantly. Simply roll out, water and wait. The result? Bunches and bunches of blooms that will light your garden up with color.


Roll Out Seed Mats: The Simple Way to Gorgeous Blooms

With our flower rolls and seed mats, all you have to do is lay them over cleared and aerated dirt, wherever you want a bed of blooms. Water the mat every day until you see the seeds sprout, and then continue to water frequently or as needed. Within weeks, you’ll have a beautiful display of bright flowers in the varieties of your choice.

Do you have areas of shaded ground underneath trees that are difficult to plant because of limited sun? Try our Shady Annual Tree Ring to perk these spots up with plenty of shade-tolerant flowers. We also have an under-tree ring with sun-loving varieties, for the ground under trees that gets plenty of sunlight.


The Birds and the Bees...and the Butterflies

One of the joys of having a garden is watching the butterflies and birds come around because they are attracted to the color and nectar. To bring lots of nature’s visitors to your back yard, try our Butterfly and Hummingbird Roll Out Seed Mat, which includes a dozen flower varieties that are known to attract all kinds of these delicate creatures. By the way, using any of our flowering rolls or seed sheets not only gives you a lovely garden, but provides an opportunity to help the planet by supplying sustenance for pollinating insects and birds.


Easy-Peasy Ground Cover Seed Sheets

Our flower seed mats also serve to cover bare areas in your lawn or garden bed. Check out the Creeping Thyme Ground Cover for a convenient way to fill large areas with attractive blooms. Using the Creeping Thyme seed mat in full sun and with plenty of water can transform bare dirt patches into splashes of vibrant purples. Looking for the easiest grass seed to fill in your lawn? Check out Quicklawn® Grass Seed, which has been called “Wonder Grass” because of its insect- and disease-resistant formula that thrives in all types of soil.


Seed Sheets: Fun for the Whole Family

Explore our variety of roll out flower seed floral mats to fill your world with eye-popping hues, heady fragrances and, of course, the fun of creating and caring for your very own garden. Our roll-out flower mats are also great ways to get your kids and grandkids involved with helping out in the garden. They’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is to watch flowers grow. Miles Kimball is the place to shop for unique finds that can often be difficult to locate in big-box stores! Check out all we have to offer in our lawn and garden collections — many items are exclusive to Miles Kimball, so you’ll only find them here.

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