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Home Lighting & Accessories

At Miles Kimball, we know you can’t afford to pause your busy life whenever the sun sets. However, you can afford high-quality task lights and accent lights from our home lighting collection. Sometimes, a room’s main lights don’t shine enough light where you need it. Other times, you might want a separate light to save on utility costs or add safety. Whatever the reason for purchasing them, our portable lights will add illumination and style at affordable prices.

Lamps That Shine Bright

Every home needs a few good lamps for reading, working or adding a decorative touch. We carry lamps in many sizes, shapes and brightness levels to see your latest projects. These compact floor lamps and table lamps can be placed anywhere inside. They use modern LED bulbs that burn brighter and last longer than other lights. If you really want your lighting to stand out, consider a Himalayan salt lamp that may also help purify the air.

Outdoor & Security Lighting

When you own good lights, you’ll never have to worry about intruders, wild animals or monsters under the bed sneaking up on you. Our home security lights add extra-bright light indoors and outdoors to scare away prowlers or reduce nighttime accidents. Some safety lights are motion-activated — no fumbling with the switch is needed. If you wake up before sunrise, decorative nightlights help you see without a harsh glare. Make sure to get a flashlight as well for going to the garage or retrieving things from behind the couch.

Shop online for the best selection of unique lights and accessories. Whether you need a cordless utility light, an around-the-neck reading light or replacement bulbs and fan pulls, Miles Kimball will ship them right to your door. Your house will feel more like home when it has practical and novelty lighting for our ever-changing selection. They make wonderful gifts for family and friends, too!