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Just because you want to avoid sugar doesn’t mean you have to give up candy altogether. Find a huge variety of delicious and better-for-you sugar-free candy from Miles Kimball. This collection includes many of the types of candy you know and love without the detrimental effects of high sugar intake. Switch to these tasty treats and you can help your kids take in less sugar and protect their teeth from cavities caused by eating too many sweet foods.

Soft Candy

Opt for something chewy and tasty by shopping our selection of sugar-free soft candy. This collection contains items such as gummies, saltwater taffy, caramels, jelly beans and much more. Snack on sugar-free gummy bears, peanut brittle and even fruitcake during the holiday season. These tasty treats don’t lack any of the sweetness or flavor you know and love in your favorite chewy candies.

Hard Candy

Enjoy your confectionary snacks for longer by opting for our sugar-free hard candies. Some of these include nostalgic fruit-flavored hard candies from your grandparent’s era as well as retro candies such as Root Beer Barrels and Chick-O-Sticks.


If fudge is your favorite treat of the holiday season, don’t let your aversion to sugar stop you from sampling this delicious snack. We make all of our sugar-free fudge fresh to order in the Miles Kimball Candy Shoppe in the premium flavors you love. Choose from chocolate and vanilla varieties with fillings such as walnuts and other tasty mix-ins.


Everyone’s favorite candy variety is also available in a sugarless form. Shop the selection of sugar-free chocolates to find candies that you would swear are made with full sugar. They come in flavors such as sea salt caramel and caramel with marshmallows. Other varieties include raisin clusters and chocolate-covered pecans. If you prefer unique flavors, you may like our black raspberry sherbet cream or almond butter toffee varieties. Some other flavors include raspberry jelly, coconut, peanut butter, orange and cherry cordials.

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