Clear Shelf Dividers, Set of 4


These Clear Shelf Dividers transform shelves into a closet storage system you can clearly be proud of! Acrylic shelf organization dividers slip over shelves in seconds to create custom solutions for any storage need. Perfect for easy handbag and shoe storage, pro pantry organization, or keeping yarn and other craft supplies beautifully displayed. Durable acrylic design means you can see and access everything at a glance. Set of 4 closet shelf organizers, each 8" high x 12" deep. Fits shelves up to 3/4" thick.
  • Durable clear acrylic
  • Set of 4 dividers, each 8" high x 12" deep
  • Each fits shelves up to 3/4" thick
  • Clear design means you can see and access everything at a glance
  • Perfect for storing handbags, shoes, pantry staples, craft supplies and more
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