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  2. 358581

    $9.99 $7.99
  3. 358583

    $3.99 $2.99
  4. Satin Pillowcase-345214 Satin Pillowcase-345214
    9 Options Available

    $14.99 $7.99
  5. 364584

    $24.99 $9.02
  6. 361730

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  8. 366428

  9. 345177

    $24.99 $6.72
  10. 370736

  11. 371205

    $29.99 $6.62
  12. Mesh Laundry Bag-355109 Mesh Laundry Bag-355109
    2 Sizes Available

  13. 359821

    $14.99 $4.82
  14. 370937

    $16.99 $4.42
  15. 371984

    $11.99 $7.99
  16. 311731

  17. 349648

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Bed, Bath and Laundry Deals $9.99 and Under

Bed, Bath and Laundry Deals $9.99 and Under is where you’ll find all of your must-have items for your bedroom, bathroom and laundry. Whether you’re looking for products that will make cleaning easier, will help you up your organization game or you are on the hunt for problem solvers (such as drain catchers) that will help keep your fixtures, pipes and bathroom infrastructure units in tip-top shape, you’ll find everything you need here at Miles Kimball. Best of all? These laundry, bed and bath under $10 items won’t bust your budget.

Stock Your Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Laundry Affordably

Miles Kimball makes it easy to keep your bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry areas well-stocked with the most ingenious and useful items you may not realize you need. Here is where you’ll find telescoping dusters and scrubbers, long-reach dryer lint brushes, drain cleaning sticks and soap dishes that prevent your soap from dissolving into a gooey mess. You’ll also find space-saving hanger holders that help you make the most out of a small closet space. Tired of super-cold toilet seats? Don’t miss our toilet seat covers in several stylish colors that help take the shock out of those cold winter toilet seats (which are highly unpleasant, by the way). Miles Kimball has fantastic bed, bath and laundry items under $10 that will help solve your real-world cleaning, organizing and decorative needs for every room of your house.

Shopping Couldn’t Be Easier with Our Under $10 Deals

Shop these under $10 deals for some of your most-used areas of your home from the comfort of your home; you’ll appreciate the ease of contact-free shopping, the fantastic selection and the exclusive items that you’ll only find here at Miles Kimball. Since 1935, we’ve been on the lookout for the best, most affordable finds for our customers’ bed, bath and laundry. With today’s technology, shopping online couldn’t be easier and your selections are delivered directly to your door. Consider some of these bed, bath and laundry $9.99 and under deals to give as thoughtful gifts for holidays or as part of housewarming gift baskets for new homeowners. Can’t get enough of our $9.99 and under goodies? Don’t miss our other can’t-miss deals for under $10, including outdoor and garden, holiday décor, home goods, under $10 personalized items, office helpers, helpful kitchen gadgets, health and beauty items as well as clothing and accessories that are clever and stylish.

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No holiday home is complete without playful cat ...
No holiday home is complete without playful cat Christmas décor! You'll be floored by the festive style of this cat rug, featuring cat silhouettes, colorful print and solid blocks, and joyful Christmas accents. Measuring 48" long x 20" wide, this ...
Bringing joy to any horse lover's heart, this ...
Bringing joy to any horse lover's heart, this wall art glows with built-in lights … making your holidays merry and bright. Illuminating the sweet scene of two adoring friends, a Christmas wreath glows with 15 small white fiber optic lights ...
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Deck your walls with something jolly—a festive ornament wishing "Merry Christmas"! Exclusively designed by Holiday Peak™, this Christmas wall décor is made of MDF with the look of rustic wooden planks—artfully hand painted with brush-stroke details and white snowflakes, accented ...
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Brighten your Christmas with this festive Lighted Holiday Wreath with House that twinkles with starry lights, casting a soft glow on the Victorian cottage inside. The unique Christmas wreath features faux greenery, frosted with sparkling glitter "snow" and graced with ...
Flaunting pretty white lace strung with twinkling lights, ...
Flaunting pretty white lace strung with twinkling lights, this elegant lighted mantel scarf decks your mantle in holiday style. Ten white lights weave through the lace mantel scarf, softly illuminating your favorite Christmas collectibles or holiday village. 100% polyester; UL ...
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