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  1. Personalized Daily Bread Cutting Board-370585 Personalized Daily Bread Cutting Board-370585
    2 Options Available

  2. 370608

  3. Personalized Chef Apron By Sawyer Creek Studio™​-311015 Personalized Chef Apron By Sawyer Creek Studio™​-311015
    6 Options Available


    20% Off Outdoor Entertaining

  4. 374204

  5. Personalized Stoneware Crock 3 Quart-360771 Personalized Stoneware Crock 3 Quart-360771
    5 Options Available

  6. 374205

  7. Personalized Soup Mug, 22 oz-345434 Personalized Soup Mug, 22 oz-345434
    2 Options Available

  8. Personalized Coffee Mug-345435 Personalized Coffee Mug-345435
    2 Options Available

  9. Personalized Chef Jacket White-328131 Personalized Chef Jacket White-328131
    4 Options Available

    $39.99 $10.92
  10. Chefs Jacket Black  Personalized-349541 Chefs Jacket Black  Personalized-349541
    3 Options Available

  11. 374203

  12. Personalized Slate Coasters, Set of 4-368848 Personalized Slate Coasters, Set of 4-368848
    2 Options Available

  13. Personalized Pumpkin Door Hanger-367589 Personalized Pumpkin Door Hanger-367589
    2 Options Available

    $14.99 $11.99
  14. 373027

  15. Personalized Buffalo Plaid Labels-371928 Personalized Buffalo Plaid Labels-371928
    2 Options Available

  16. Personalized Candy Stripe Labels-371927 Personalized Candy Stripe Labels-371927
    2 Options Available

  17. Christmas Recipe Cards-374041 Christmas Recipe Cards-374041
    2 Options Available

  18. Personalized Patriotic Flour Sack Towel-369478 Personalized Patriotic Flour Sack Towel-369478
    2 Options Available

    $19.99 $14.99
  19. 374202

  20. Personalized Large Getaway Sign-373614 Personalized Large Getaway Sign-373614
    4 Options Available

  21. 373615

  22. Personalized Wooden Planter Box, Grateful Thankful Blessed-369252 Personalized Wooden Planter Box, Grateful Thankful Blessed-369252
    2 Options Available


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Entertain the Miles Kimball Way: Personalize It

Are you a person who can whip together an event with little to no effort and who loves to be around friends, family and loved ones? Perhaps you’re in your element while entertaining, planning those cherished get-togethers that are the glue that keeps your family together. Well, then, you’re in the right place for unique personalized entertaining items, products and personalized goodies that will help turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary. Shop personalized entertaining at Miles Kimball, where you’ll find a custom item that will add oh-so-much to your event.

Personalized Serving Items

Miles Kimball has all of your personalized entertainment needs covered, from personalized serving bowls, personalized tabletop linens, personalized cutting boards and personalized aprons. Here is where you’ll find charming custom items that are perfect for those potlucks you love so much, such as personalized totes, personalized insulated food carriers, personalized kitchen labels and personalized planters and décor (hint: they make great centerpieces.).

Personalized Candy Wrappers

Our personalized entertaining nook is where you’ll find those charming personalized candy wrappers that help make a special event even better. Just add your favorite candy bars, wrap them in our personalized candy bar wrappers and voila — you have a delightful guest gift, place setting or party favor for any special occasions (think graduation, Valentine’s Day, baby showers, birthdays, wedding favors and more). Create party favors for a fraction of the price with these delightful personalized candy wrappers from Miles Kimball — it truly couldn’t be easier. From bottle openers to playing cards, we have the unique personalized entertainment items that will be part of the charm of your party.

Miles Kimball: Your Source for Personalized Products

Miles Kimball has affordable finds at great prices, including everything you need to suit all of your entertainment adventures. Many of the items we carry are unique to Miles Kimball, which means that you’ll find them only here. Don’t miss our other personalized goodies in our online store, including personalized home décor, personalized kids’ gifts, personalized kitchen gadgets and personalized calendars and stationery. Let Miles Kimball be your go-to for all of your personalized gifts and personalized product needs throughout the year.

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