Windshield Cover


Keep scorching summer sun and freezing winter snow off your windshield with this all-season Windshield Cover. Reflective insulated shield turns most UV rays away, helping protect your vehicle's interior and keeping it cooler so you may need less A/C. And when weather gets frigid, snow and ice collect on the car snow cover so you can shake it off without all the usual scraping and defrosting. Car windshield cover for snow and sun secures with flaps and hooks. Rolls to store. Universal fit for most cars, trucks and SUVs. Aluminum film and PE foam. 59" long x 27" wide with 10" flaps.
  • Aluminum film and PE foam
  • 59" long x 27" wide with 10" flaps
  • Reflective insulated shield turns most UV rays away
  • Prevents snow and ice from gathering or freezing to windshield
  • Rolls up for storage
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