Underbed Dustproof Storage Bag by OakRidge™


Level up your storage options by maximizing unused space! Underbed Dustproof Storage Bag is sized just right to slide under a bed, with plenty of space inside to store clothing, craft items, holiday decorations and more. It's divided into 5 sections for easy organization, and each section features a clear side window to help you locate what you need. A 3-sided top zipper keeps items clean and dust-free, and the 2 side handles make access easy. Storage bag for clothes and more measures 38" long x 13" wide x 6" high. Non-woven fabric. By OakRidge™.
  • Durable non-woven fabric
  • 38" long x 13" wide x 6" high
  • Divided into 5 sections with clear side windows for easy organization A 3-sided top zipper keeps items clean and dust-free
  • Features 2 side handles to make access easy
  • By OakRidge™
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