Triple Plug Adapter with Switch



Maximize your outlet's potential with our Triple Plug Adapter with Switch—an efficient solution for powering multiple devices! This versatile accessory is perfect for lamps, fans, chargers, appliances and holiday lights. It’s especially handy for electrical items that lack their own on/off switch.

Featuring an energy-saving power switch—it illuminates red when it's turned on providing a visual cue of its operational status. The best part? It doesn't draw any power when switched off—a thoughtful design element promoting energy conservation!

Our multi plug adapter has been smartly designed in a horizontal layout to fit any standard AC outlet without blocking the other plug—ensuring you get the most out of your available space.

Please note: this triple plug adapter is not intended as a surge protector. Its dimensions are 5" wide x 2" high x 1" deep making it compact enough to carry along during travels or simply moving around within home/office spaces.

Invest in our convenient plug adapter with switch today—it adds capacity while saving electricity and offers easy control over connected devices—a true win-win!

  • Features on/off switch
  • Horizontal design
  • Fits any standard AC outlet
  • Not for use as a surge protector
  • 5" long x 1" wide x 2" high
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