Then Sings My Soul Book



Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of hymns with "Then Sings My Soul Book," a compilation that is as uplifting as it is enlightening. This beloved volume brings together the most cherished hymns across generations, offering not just melodies and lyrics but also the inspiring stories behind them.

Each page of this book reveals fascinating insights into the composers' lives, their faith, and what compelled them to write these timeless pieces. With over 150 classic hymns included, readers are treated to a spiritual journey through song—tracing back roots that have anchored many in times of joy and sorrow.

"Then Sings My Soul" extends beyond mere words on paper; it serves as an anthology that awakens one's spirituality by connecting deeply personal experiences with universal themes of grace, redemption, and hope found within each stanza sung throughout history.

Perfect for devotional reading or as a gift for music lovers and historians alike, this book invites you to explore the profound impact these anthems have had on Christian worship culture. As you delve into its pages, allow your soul to sing along with every line—each verse resonating powerfully as both historical artifact and testament of faith echoing through eternity.

  • Then Sings my Soul: 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories, Softcover Book by Robert J. Morgan
  • Includes music along with the background, history and inspiration behind the most popular hymns you know and love
  • Vintage-style softcover
  • 308 Pages
  • Measures approximately 6 1/4" wide x 9" high
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