Textured Recliner and Chair Cover by OakRidge™


You'll love your favorite chair even more with this Textured Recliner and Chair Cover. Designed to fit recliners and easy chairs, it adds beautiful texture and style while protecting from stains and wear. Thanks to heavyweight fabric and back strap, the recliner cover stays in place without bunching or shifting. Poly/cotton blend in neutrals complements any décor. Furniture cover made with 60% polyester/40% cotton. Machine wash, cold, no bleach; dry flat. Approx. 73 1/4" long x 21 1/2" wide plus arm covers. By OakRidge™.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • 60% polyester/40% cotton
  • Measures approx. 73 1/4" long x 21 1/2" wide plus arm covers. Fits most recliners and easy chairs.
  • Protects furniture from spills, stains and wear
  • Heavyweight fabric and back strap keeps cover in place without bunching or shifting
  • Machine wash, cold, no bleach
  • By OakRidge™
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