Tailoring Shears


The sign of a quality garment, drapery panel or window covering isn't just the fabric. The expertise of the cutting can often spell the difference between amateur and professional—and these scissors won't disappoint. They're what tailors use for clean, crisp cuts; they glide as effortlessly through silk as they do through thick upholstery fabric, leather, woolens and more. Precision-ground stainless steel blades cut all the way to the points; bent-handle design keeps material flat as you go. Polished brass handles; for right- or left-hand use. 9 1/2" long.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • The scissors tailors use for clean, crisp cuts
  • Glides through silk, thick fabric, leather and more
  • Stainless steel blades with brass handles
  • Bent-handle design keeps material flat as you go
  • For right- or left-hand use
  • 9 1/2" overall
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