Step Ladder with Handles by LivingSURE™ XL



Step ladder with handles by LivingSURE™ helps you balance for extra safety and support. Choose from 2- or 3-step models. Each metal ladder features extra-wide steps with non-slip treads, foam padded hand rails and padded feet that won’t scratch floors. Perfect for cleaning, decorating and reaching items indoors or out, its space-saving design folds flat for easy transport and storage when not in use.

The Step Ladder with Handles by LivingSURE is the perfect choice for seniors in need of a safe and reliable tool. Designed with extra-wide steps and foam padded handrails, this ladder ensures balance, stability, and support. It provides the necessary assistance for a variety of tasks, from changing lightbulbs to reaching high shelves. With its thoughtful design, this folding 4-step ladder prioritizes safety, making it an ideal option for seniors.

Choose either our three-tier or two-tier design to give you the extended reach you need to retrieve objects from a higher distance safely. The durable steel construction makes this hard-to-find step ladder from LivingSURE™ a must-have in every household. Add this convenient, folding step ladder to your home maintenance arsenal, so you always have a leg up on household chores.

Easily decorate for every holiday like Christmas and Halloween with the added height achieved with both step ladder options. Whatever your project, Miles Kimball has the budget-friendly solution that helps you do more with less like this high-quality step ladder for your home.

2-step safety ladder is 21” long x 18” wide x 32 1/2” high, weighs 12 lbs., maximum standing height 19 3/4”. 3-step is 27 1/2” long x 18” wide x 43” high, weighs 16 lbs., max standing height 29”. Minimal assembly required. Steel.

  • Steel Construction: Our stool is made of high-grade steel that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and built to last. This material ensures that your stool can withstand various environmental conditions and remain sturdy over time.
  • 2-Step Details: Our stool features non-slip treads, handrails, and a wide base that provide maximum stability and safety while in use. These features help prevent slips, trips, and falls, making it ideal for both personal and professional use.
  • Compact Design: Our stool's dimensions are optimized to provide maximum functionality while maintaining a compact size. This feature makes it easy to store and transport, saving you time and space.
  • Lightweight: Our stool weighs only 12 lbs, making it easy to move and handle. This feature allows users to easily transport the stool from one location to another without any hassle.
  • Maximum Standing Height: With a maximum standing height of 19 3/4", our stool provides users with more flexibility and versatility in their tasks. However, we have ensured that the product remains stable and safe at the increased height.
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