Stainless Steel Round Divided Dinner Plate


With 4 compartments to separate food, this stainless steel plate is a smart, earth-friendly alternative to breakable dinnerware or pricey paper plates. Serving up meal after meal at the kitchen table, on the sofa, out on the patio or campsite, the sturdy, stainless steel divided plate is perfect for parties and buffets—cleaning easily in the dishwasher and neatly stacking for storage. Featuring raised dividers for main dish, salads, sides or a beverage, the round dinner plate makes portion control easy, keeping foods neatly contained so creamed corn, runny gravy or spaghetti sauce can't ruin your applesauce, dinner roll or dessert. Designed in quality stainless steel that is food safe, hygienic, reusable and incredibly strong, the generous 10 3/4" dia. serving plate saves you money in the long run, since it eliminates the cost of disposable plates throughout years of durable use. Smart shoppers can invest in several of these divided plates for adults, and save!
  • Includes 4 compartments to separate food
  • An earth-friendly alternative to breakable dinnerware or pricey paper plates
  • Designed in quality stainless steel
  • Hygienic, reusable and incredibly strong
  • Generous 10 3/4" dia. serving plate
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