Spring Memorial Bouquet by OakRidge™



Express your love and remembrance with our Spring Memorial Bouquet by OakRidge. This carefully crafted bouquet offers a touching tribute to departed loved ones, providing comfort during times of loss.

Our memorial flowers for graves feature an array of lifelike blooms that remain vibrant season after season, creating a lasting homage. The vivid colors beautifully represent the renewal spring brings—a fitting symbol of eternal life and hope.

Made from high-quality polyester/plastic/iron, this artificial bouquet of flowers stands up against weather elements ensuring it stays fresh-looking even outdoors! It's perfect not just for grave sites but also as decoration in memory gardens or home altars.

The arrangement includes roses, daisies and carnations—all favorites during springtime—nestled within lush green leaves creating a display full of warmth despite its artificial nature! These flowers require no maintenance—no watering or pruning needed. They stay beautiful all year round serving as constant reminders of cherished memories shared with those who passed away.

Each piece measures 9" wide x 21" high making them noticeable enough without being overwhelming—a tasteful memorial fitting to remember loved ones by! Keep memories alive elegantly through our Spring Memorial Bouquet by Oakridge, offering undying blooms symbolizing endless affection towards departed beloveds.

  • Includes bottom stake for mounting upright
  • Approx. 23" high
  • Generous greenery and copious blooms
  • All manmade materials
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