Snowy Cardinal Seal Set of 250



Some people say that cardinals are a special visit from heaven. Some just love cardinals' vibrant red feathers against a snowy white backdrop. Whatever your reason is for loving cardinals, we think that you'll appreciate this roll of 250 Snowy Cardinal-style letter seals from Miles Kimball. They're a wonderful addition to your holiday letters and your Christmas cards, adding vibrant color and festive greetings to ordinarily drab envelopes. Our Snowy Cardinal round letter seals are sure to add seasonal charm to your mailings with their bright, beautiful artwork.

Love this snowy cardinal letter seal scene? These letter seals look great when they're used with our "Snowy Birch" Christmas card styles in the Miles Kimball Card Shoppe. Snowy Cardinal seals measure 1 1/8" dia. Set of 250.

  • "Snowy Cardinal" style round letter seals
  • Each seal measures 1 1/8" dia.
  • Adds seasonal and colorful winter charm to holiday correspondence with beautiful artwork
  • Roll of 250
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