Silicone Sheet Pan Dividers by Home Marketplace, Set of 4


Four oven-safe sheet pan dividers fit together on one baking sheet — keeping foods separate while cooking together, and making it easy to remove individual sections when contents are done. Containing foods so juices won't intermingle, the silicone dividers assure foods taste great, and are perfect for cooking smaller portions of roasted veggies, single-serve casseroles and more … using the set of 4 together, or placing a couple in the toaster oven on a smaller sheet pan. You can even use the durable baking pan dividers to easily freeze leftover portions, then pop out to thaw and reheat in the microwave later. The flexible, non-stick Silicone Sheet Pan Dividers by Home Marketplace offer easy release of baked foods, then clean up easily in the dishwasher and stack for space-saving storage. Set of 4 includes 2 small square (approx. 5" sq.) and 2 large rectangular (approx. 10" x 5") dividers.
  • Set of 4 pan dividers fit together on one baking sheet
  • Perfect for cooking smaller portions
  • Also use to easily freeze leftover portions
  • Flexible, non-stick silicone is dishwasher-safe
  • By Home Marketplace
  • Includes 2 square (5" sq.) and 2 rectangular (10" x 5")
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