Pizza Slice Goose Outfit by Gaggleville™


Dressing your goose couldn't be easier (or cheesier), thanks to this adorable Pizza Slice Goose Outfit! Delivering big smiles when dressed as everyone's favorite "love triangle", your goose lawn decoration will be the taste of the town and talk of the neighborhood wearing this exclusive outfit. A fun way to welcome the pizza delivery driver, set the tone for a casual pizza party, or just celebrate your favorite food, the slip-on pizza goose costume is stuffed with plush filling for deep-dish dimension, and spiced with pepperoni polka dots for added fun. Complete with fabric goose arms and an elastic strap to hold it in place, this pizza-themed costume is a much-kneaded look for your well-dressed garden goose. Designed for indoor/protected outdoor use in 100% polyester, this lawn goose outfit is designed to fit our exclusive Large White Goose (sold separately). Imported. By Gaggleville™.
  • 100% polyester
  • Includes fabric goose arms and an elastic strap to hold it the outfit in place
  • Designed to fit our exclusive Large White Goose (sold separately)
  • For indoor/protected outdoor use
  • By GagglevilleTM
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