PetAlive® Scare-D-Pet™



Pets of all shapes and sizes have ears more sensitive than ours and are capable of picking up sounds from much farther away than humans. Because of this, sudden or loud noises can have a much greater effect on our furred friends than we'd think. Some sounds, like thunder, fireworks or vacuum cleaners can lead to a panicked response, causing a pet to try to reduce its fear by running, hiding or using destructive behavior to escape. Pets may learn to fear the area in which a loud noise regularly occurs, which can create problems in other basic aspects of its life. A dog who hears thunder when in the backyard, for example, might not want to go outside to use the bathroom for fear of hearing the noise again.

Scare-D-Pet™ is a safe, effective natural remedy made of 100% homeopathic ingredients. Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine, it helps quickly and effectively relieve common symptoms associated with a fear of loud noises in dogs and cats. Using a unique, proprietary blend of scientifically selected natural ingredients, it helps effectively relieve symptoms such as nervousness, excitability, hyperactivity and fearfulness related to loud noises.

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  • Homeopathic medicine temporarily relieves nervous symptoms in pets
  • Helps temporarily calm nerves in high-strung pets
  • Temporarily relieves hyperactivity and excitability
  • Helps relieve symptoms such as trembling, whining and fearfulness

Scare-D-Pet™ is 100% homeopathic, contains these HPUS ingredients in homeopathic potencies, and has the following indications(purposes): Aconitum nap 6C, Arg nit 6C, Borax 6C, Chamomilla 6C, Phos 30C.

  • Aconitum nap 6C is typically recommended for acute shock, which comes on suddenly in otherwise healthy individuals, causing trembling and restlessness
  • Arg nit 6C is often recommended for anxiety and phobias, with great fear, palpitations and trembling
  • Borax 6C is often recommended for individuals who are sensitive to noise and prone to nervousness.
  • Chamomilla 6C is a very soothing homeopathic remedy and well suited to treating nervousness and insecurity, especially for hypersensitive pets.
  • Phos 30C is a homeopathic remedy which has a wide array of applications. It is best suited to those animals with an affectionate nature who love being the center of attention, but who quickly become withdrawn and anxious when under stress.
  • Inactive Ingredients: USP grain alcohol (20% by volume), purified water

Scare-D-Pet™ comes in liquid form and is easy to add to a little wet food or a treat for fuss-free administration. Using a dropper or syringe, administer dose every half hour until symptoms disappear.

Cats and Dogs under 20 lbs.: 4-6 drops.
Dogs 20-50 lbs.: 0.25 mL.
Dogs over 50 lbs.: 0.50 mL.

Caution: If symptoms persist or worsen, consult your veterinarian. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

Because Scare-D-Pet™ is 100% homeopathic, it gets to work immediately at a cellular level - supporting the animal upon the first dose. While some animals need only a single dose, others may require additional doses, depending on factors such as the age and size of the animal. Most pets will begin responding to Scare-D-Pet™ very quickly, often after one or two doses.

Response times vary from animal to animal, based on physiological composition and other circumstances - some animals see results after 3-5 days.

One bottle of Scare-D-Pet™ drops will last approximately 25-30 days, depending on the amount taken and frequency of use.

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