Personalized White Glitter Tree Ornament



Festive and oh-so-fun, our Personalized White Glitter Tree Christmas Ornaments are a perfect addition to this year’s holiday celebrations. This ornament features a white glitter tree, along with red ball ornaments, bright teardrop-shaped ornaments with holly and berries, as well as a family name banner that’s held aloft by two brilliant red cardinals. Whether you purchase this white sparkly Christmas ornament for your use or to give as a gift, it’s sure to delight everyone who visits for your Christmas celebration.

Personalize this unique family glitter tree ornament with your number of family members — you can choose from three family members all the way up to seven family members. Each name (up to eight letters/spaces each) will be printed on a Christmas ornament on this little glitter Christmas tree. The year customization (up to four letters/characters) and last name personalization (up to 12 letters/spaces) will make this ornament extra special!

This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Resin construction
  • Available from families of 3 to families of 7
  • Year customization: Up to 4 letters/spaces
  • Family surname customization: Up to 12 letters/spaces
  • First names: Up to 8 letters/spaces each
  • Makes a great keepsake ornament
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