Personalized Large Print Address Labels - Set of 200



Make sure your letters and packages are ready to ship and that the return addresses are easy to read with this roll of 200-count Personalized Large Print Address Labels from Miles Kimball. Simply peel and stick these labels to any piece of mail for fast, easy shipments. This large-print address label style features an extra-large address label font that makes them especially easy to read. We will even include a convenient label-dispensing box at no extra cost for your convenience. Keep our large-print return labels close to your postage stamps so you'll always have these convenient add-ons on-hand for whatever needs you may have. These personalized large-print address labels are also excellent to add to books, CDs or other items when you loan them out.

Our 200-count roll of self-stick address labels are available in four colors, including clear, gold, rainbow or white labels. These customized large print return address labels are great for both businesses and individuals alike. Use them to speed up the process of sending out holiday greetings, party invitations, promotional mailings and more. Our convenient roll of 200 large-print return address labels add a colorful and professional look to everything from your everyday correspondence to your special once-a-year mailings.

  • Personalized Large Print Address Labels - Set of 200 - Rainbow
  • Design – Labels come in 4 different colors: Blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow
  • Self-Stick – Labels require no effort in peeling and placing on any desired package
  • Font – Lettering on labels feature extra-large font that is easily readable
  • Set – Each set comes with 200 custom labels that can be personalized, 3 lines/25 characters each
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