Personalized Charter Memo Album



Preserve your cherished memories in style with our Charter Personalized Photo Album—a keepsake that will be treasured by your family for generations to come. Fill this exquisite album with all of your favorite family photos and relive those special moments anytime you wish!

The smooth, bonded leather cover exudes a timeless elegance—its ridged spine and top-stitched detailing adding a touch of classic charm. Enhance its sophistication further by having the front cover gold-stamped with up to three lines of text—it could include names, dates or any other unique details personalizing it beautifully.

Choose from rich leather colors that are perfectly complemented by the gold tooling—an aesthetic blend creating an impressive visual appeal!

This book-bound personalized photo album is designed not just for aesthetics but also functionality—it can hold up to 300 photos along with memo sections where notes or captions for each image can be written down—a thoughtful feature indeed!

Our leather photo album promises durability alongside elegance making it a wonderful gift option too! Whether it's capturing life milestones or everyday joys—trust Miles Kimball products to help keep them alive forever—in utmost style & quality!

  • Family Photos – Document important milestones and events with both photogenic images and written sentiments, preserve the magic of the moment by creating treasured keepsake albums
  • Heirloom Construction – Wrapped in European bonded leather, this premium photo album is luxuriously lined in 'moire and is ready to be filled with your milestones and memories
  • Modern Design – Detailed with top stitching around the edges with a rasied spine, this Memo Photo Album is available in an array of rich, classic colors, album measures 10 1/2” wide x 12 3/4” high
  • Holds 300 Photos – Memo photo album includes 50 book-bound pages, holds 3 horizontal 4x6 photos per side, 6 per page, 300 photos in all, memo notes let you capture the details of each photo in an adjacent ruled column
  • Customized – Personalize each album to create a themed family photo book, add up to 3 lines of gold-stamped personalization to the front cover (each line is limited to 20 characters in capital letters only)
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