Patriotic Windsock


For holidays or as a year-round decoration, patriotic windsocks offer an impressive salute to the stars and stripes. Like all Milles Kimball windsocks, it’s made of weather-resistant nylon and stands an impressive 5’ long. The design based on an American flag will shiver, wiggle and float on the slightest breeze. A white nylon cord and metal hanging hook are used to hang your windsock attachment from a porch roof, tree branch, balcony railing, garden pole or wherever else it will catch the most air.A little movement goes a long way when livening up your landscape, and it waves with color and pride whenever they get the chance. Use them to make 4th of July parties more festive, add a little energy to Labor Day or show you’re proud to be an American from spring through fall. Miles Kimball offers great value on other windsocks and flags in addition to outdoor décor you won’t find anywhere else.
  • American flag stars-and-stripes design
  • 60" long
  • Made from weather-resistant nylon
  • Includes white nylon cord and metal hanging hook
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