Patriotic Lawn Pinwheels, Set of 6


Let your USA pride dance on the breeze with our exclusive 4th of July pinwheels for lawns and gardens. These patriotic wind spinners rotates with any passing gust or draft and immediately start twirling, adding delightful movement to a once-stationary yard. The six pinwheel petals alternative between red-and-white stripes and white stars on a blue background. It’s a fun take on the American flag that will have everyone taking notice of your lawn pinwheels. Thanks to weatherproof plastic construction, you can leave your pinwheel garden spinners up long after Independence Day.All ages will love our unique patriotic garden pinwheels at an affordable everyday price. These eye catching spinners are larger than the average pinwheel, standing 22” high with an 8.5” diameter to help them stand out even more. Stakes are included for securely planting your pinwheel yard decoration in front yards, back yards, flowerbeds, alongside walkways and much more. We have a variety of other outdoor decorations including pinwheels for sale, affordable chimes and windsocks that turn windy days into your favorite days.
  • Supersized stars and stripes pinwheel
  • Weatherproof plastic
  • Includes stake for easy placement in yard
  • Set of 6
  • Each 8 1/2" diameter x 22" high
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