Non Slip Insulated Counter Mat



Are you tired of dealing with hot pots and pans, messy spills, and potential damage to your precious kitchen counters? Look no further than our Non-Slip Insulated Counter Mat, available at Miles Kimball. This versatile kitchen accessory offers protection, convenience, and peace of mind.

Our insulated counter mat is designed to be your kitchen's best friend. It serves as a heat-resistant counter mat, safeguarding your counters from hot cookware. No more worries about scorch marks or heat damage.

This non-slip counter mat doesn't stop at heat resistance. It's also an excellent kitchen counter protector against spills, stains, and scratches. Keep your counters looking pristine. The mat's non-slip backing ensures it stays securely in place, providing a stable surface for your cooking endeavors. It's easy to clean, making kitchen maintenance a breeze.

With a classic design, this counter mat blends seamlessly with your kitchen decor while offering reliable protection. It's a practical addition that complements any culinary space. Use it as a trivet for hot dishes, a prep surface, or a serving platform. Its versatility makes it an indispensable kitchen companion.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Non-Slip Insulated Counter Mat and enjoy worry-free cooking. Say goodbye to countertop damage, and hello to enhanced functionality and style. Get yours today from Miles Kimball and start cooking with confidence.

  • Choose from four sizes
  • Protect countertops and tables from hot dishes
  • Non-slip backing keeps it in place
  • Insulated material is covered with a thin-gauge metal top
  • Clean with damp cloth
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