Multi-Function Dual Rainfall Shower Head


Treat yourself to a luxury spa experience at home. Multi-Function Dual Rainfall Shower Head allows you to customize your clean, thanks to dual high-performance nozzles: Rain shower head pampers you with a wide, gentle spray, while the 5-function shower massager detaches for easier rinsing. Great for using with a shower bench and for bathing kids and pets too! This showerhead kit is simple to install, with all hardware included and no tools required. White with chrome complements any bath décor. Waterfall shower head measures 7 1/2" sq.
  • Wide shower head measures 7 1/2" sq. overall
  • Dual high-performance nozzles include rainfall shower head and 5-function shower massager
  • Shower massager head detaches for easier rinsing
  • Easy installation, all hardware included
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