Milk Chocolate Dino Egg 8 oz



Step into a world of delectable delights with our Milk Chocolate Dino Egg. Weighing 8 ounces, this sweet treat is an indulgent journey back to the age of dinosaurs.

Crafted with premium milk chocolate, our chocolate eggs offer a smooth and rich flavor that melts in your mouth. It's more than just an Easter egg; it's a scrumptious snack for all seasons! What makes this even more exciting? The surprise within! Each chocolate dinosaur egg holds an unexpected delight inside – making every bite as thrilling as digging up real fossils.

This novelty item isn't just about taste but also brings fun to family gatherings or parties. Watch faces light up when they crack open these tasty treats and discover what lies within their chocolaty shell. Perfect for gifting too! Whether you're filling up Easter baskets or looking for unique birthday presents, this charming dino egg will make anyone’s day extra special. Each piece comes beautifully packaged, ready to captivate both kids and adults alike upon opening.

  • 8 oz. of milk chocolate
  • Egg wrapped in gold foil
  • Egg-cellent gift for kids of all ages
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