Marble Vinyl Elasticized Banquet Table Cover


Banquet tablecloths can be difficult to find. Not at Miles Kimball! Our Marble Vinyl Elasticized Banquet Table Cover comes in multiple sizes to ensure easy cleanup and to protect your table from wear and tear. It features a soft flannel back and its durable construction easily wipes clean with a soft cloth. This banquet table cloth’s fitted edge provides a custom, non-slip fit without overhang or wrinkles, which will ensure a more secure surface on which to eat, serve or play games. The lovely marbled design complements any décor and can be used indoors or outdoors. Choose from four colors and four banquet table sizes for a custom fit. Imported.
  • Water-resistant vinyl construction
  • Three oblong sizes available (24” wide x 48” long
  • 30” wide x 60” long
  • 30” wide x 72” long) and one 36” square size
  • Elasticized edging is easy to put on and stays in place
  • Easy care — just wipe clean with a cloth
  • Soft flannel backing
  • Available in blue, gray, green or white
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