Magnetic Door Draft Stopper



Keep the chill out and warmth in with this efficient Magnetic Door Draft Stopper. Designed to hug your doorway, it serves as a reliable under door draft stopper that blocks cold air from sneaking into your home. Its magnetic properties ensure a snug fit against metal doors, creating an impenetrable seal that not only prevents drafts but also helps reduce energy costs.

This door breeze stopper is crafted for durability and ease of use; its weighted design keeps it firmly in place without the need for installation tools or permanent fixtures—simply lay it at the base of any vulnerable entry point. The subtle style means it blends seamlessly with most decor, quietly doing its job without drawing attention.

Draft stoppers for doors are essential during colder months when wind whistles through gaps beneath entrances, potentially causing discomfort and increasing heating bills. By forming a tight barrier, this product eliminates unwanted airflow instantly—a must-have item for anyone looking to enhance their household's coziness factor efficiently.

Whether you're dealing with breezy gusts or trying to keep dust at bay, this versatile Magnetic Door Draft Stopper offers an effective solution while being incredibly easy to reposition as needed—an indispensable addition to maintain comfort within your living space all year round.

  • Fits doors up to 36" wide
  • Durable fabric cover glides over carpet, wood, tile and linoleum
  • Keeps spaces insulated and comfortable, helping you save money
  • Includes 3 plastic clips ad built-in magnets to attach to the bottom edge of a door
  • Spot clean
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