Licorice Lovers Favorites, Set of 3


This trifecta of old-fashioned Licorice Lovers Favorites is the ultimate fix for any licorice connoisseur. Black licorice jelly beans are chewy, satisfying and brimming with the rich, distinctive flavor of black licorice. 22 oz. Licorice Lover’s Mix includes a delightful assortment of Red Twists, Black Jelly Beans, Licorice Bites, Licorice Pastels, Hollows and more. 14 oz. Licorice Allsorts are imported from a traditional English confectionery for soft, chewy, classic flavor from yesteryear—all made with natural colors and no added salt. Candy assortment includes: aniseed jelly buttons, coconut rolls, licorice pastels, soft cuttings, petit fours and more. 14 oz. Perfect for giving, serving and hosting, this 3-pack is sure to delight licorice fans for a good, long time.
  • Variety 3-pack of classic licorice candy
  • Black licorice jelly beans contains 22 oz.
  • Licorice lover’s mix contains 14 oz. total of 4 different licorice styles
  • Licorice allsorts includes 14 oz. of assorted English licorice
  • A nostalgic candy treat to give or serve
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