LED Solar Rope Lights


This decorative rope is infused with 60 white LED lights, which glow automatically when powered by the sun—providing instant nautical charm, and "naught" a care about fancy wiring or costly electricity! The versatile LED Solar Rope Lights make decorating a breeze, whether easily wrapped around deck railings, fence railings and umbrella poles, outlining a patio or an entryway to your cabin, or wrapped around a picnic table at your campsite. The decorating options are endless with these versatile outdoor lights, and all you need to do is place the 21-ft. rope so its solar panel can charge in the sun. Each night at dusk, all 60 solar lights will glow automatically, and will switch off at sunrise. String lights are designed in durable hemp with LED bulbs; includes solar panel, rechargeable battery and on/off switch.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Hemp with LED bulbs
  • 21-ft. rope light features 60 white LED lights
  • Flexible design can be wrapped around deck railings, fence railings and umbrella poles, outline a patio or an entryway, or border a picnic table at a campsite
  • Included solar panel automatically charges in the sun
  • Includes on/off switch and can automatically switch on and dusk
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