Lap Desk



Elevate your comfort level while working or enjoying hobbies with our Portable Lap Desk. This versatile desk transforms your favorite chair into a comfortable and stable workspace, perfect for tasks such as crafts, letter writing, solving crosswords—even having meals!

This generously-sized adult lap desk securely rests on the arms of your chair without wobbling. It features two large elastic bands to keep papers firmly in place—ensuring you have an organized space every time.

Crafted from strong yet lightweight pressboard that's easy to clean, this laptop desk for bed also includes grips at both ends which make carrying it around effortless. Its portable design lets you enjoy a flat work surface wherever you want—from sitting cozily indoors watching TV to soaking up sunshine outdoors.

Our lap desk serves multiple purposes—it can double up as a bed tray table or an adjustable laptop workstation offering convenience along with comfort no matter what task is at hand!

The ergonomic design allows height adjustment helping reduce back strain by positioning the table optimally according to your posture—a thoughtful feature indeed!

With dimensions measuring 31" long x 12" wide—it’s compact enough not be intrusive yet spacious enough for various activities.

Choose Miles Kimball for innovative accessories like this space-saving Lap Desk—we offer amazing selections at unbeatable prices making us your one-stop-shop! Experience functionality blended with comfort today!

  • Rests on chair's arms
  • Includes 2 large elastic bands to secure papers
  • 31" L x 12" W
  • Lightweight
  • Grips for carrying
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