Home Sweet Home Draft Blocker



Create a cozier living space with the Home Sweet Home Draft Blocker, an endearing and practical addition to any home seeking comfort from chilly drafts. As both a door draft stopper and window draft stopper, this charming accessory is versatile enough to keep cold air at bay whether it breezes through your front door or whispers in through aging window frames.

Adorned with the inviting phrase "Home Sweet Home," this draft blocker does more than just insulate—it also adds a touch of warmth to your decor. It's weighted sufficiently to block window drafts effectively without sliding away, ensuring consistent protection against energy loss and external weather conditions.

Effortlessly placed by any entryway or sill, its long structure allows for full coverage across various gaps that might otherwise allow precious heat to escape. This simple solution helps you maintain temperature control within your domicile while reducing heating costs—a smart choice for both comfort-minded individuals and budget-conscious households alike.

Moreover, if you're looking to block draft windows during colder months but prefer not disrupting the aesthetics of your room design—the subtle style of this fabric blocker blends seamlessly into most decors. Easy-to-move when cleaning or rearranging furniture; enjoy peace-of-mind knowing every nook is snugly sealed off from unwanted airflow with this quaint yet powerful protector standing guard over your abode’s tranquility.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency – Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and create the optimal temperature within your home
  • Easy to Use – Simply place the draft blocker at the bottom of any door to stop air leaks, drafts and wasted energy
  • Multi-Function – Door draft blocker can be used on doors, windows, fireplaces and more, draft guards works as a door stop and helps block out noise as well
  • Artfully Designed – Tapestry fabric features “Home Sweet Home” bordered by colorful grapes, peaches and plums for a fresh style that complements any décor
  • Product Details – Draft guard is 65 polyester/35 cotton and measures 35 inches x 8 ½ inches x 3 inches, spot clean as needed
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