Holiday Windsocks Set of 6


Let your holiday cheer float on the breeze by getting a set of Miles Kimball windsocks for your garden décor. These colorful decorative windsocks mark the year’s biggest occasions for the neighborhood. Instead of shopping for Christmas windsocks, Halloween windsocks and Easter windsocks, separately, you can get all of them in one convenient money-saving pack. This set also includes a Patriotic theme for Independence Day/Memorial Day/etc., a summer seasonal and an autumn/Thanksgiving theme.Our holiday windsocks add charm to any landscape. Tie them to a tree branch, add them to the front porch or rig them to a garden pole — when the air begins to blow, your new décor will truly shine. The movement of it offers a nice change of pace to liven up your outdoor display. At roughly 35” long and 4” in diameter, they’re large enough to make a big impact. This is just one of the many discount windsocks for sale, spinners and chimes available only at Miles Kimball.
  • Celebrate a year’s worth of holidays with our 6-piece set of weather-resistant polyester holiday windsocks.
  • Each outdoor windsock flag is 35” long and includes a convenient metal hanging hook. Wind-loving streamers fly in even the slightest breeze.
  • Six holiday designs include Patriotic, Easter, Halloween, Summer Flowers, Fall Leaves, and a winter Snowman.
  • Weather-resistant polyester. Metal hanging hook.
  • Each arrives ready to hang with a metal hanging hook
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