Handicap Placard Set of 2



Indulge in convenience and safety with our Handicap Placard Holders, available in a set of two. Designed to protect your parking permit from tears, bends, and potential damage while ensuring it's clearly visible for law enforcement or parking officials.

These placard holders are made using high-quality durable clear plastic material which makes them long-lasting. The built-in hanger allows you to hang the holder from any rearview mirror effortlessly—no complicated installation needed!

This set is ideal if you have multiple vehicles or want to gift one to a loved one who could benefit from this practical tool. They’re easy-to-use and help maintain the integrity of handicap placards keeping them safe during travel or when not in use.

Each pack includes two holders measuring 11 1/2" long x 4 3/4" wide each—perfectly sized for standard handicap placards. Now ensure your valuable handicapped parking permit stays protected yet fully visible every time you hit the road!

Investing in these holders means less worry about wear-and-tear on an essential everyday item—it’s simplicity at its best!

  • Made of clear plastic
  • Built-in hanger
  • 4.75" wide x 11.5" long
  • Set of 2
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