Handicap Placard Hanger



No more searching the glove box for your handicap placard or any other parking pass. With this Handicap Placard Hanger and Placard Protector, it can be conveniently stored in the sturdy plastic sleeve and hung from your rear-view mirror after you have parked. Keep your vehicle identification in plain view with this universal handicap placard cover that’s uniquely designed to hold handicap designations and any other documents you may need throughout your day.

This transparent handicap placard sleeve also helps prolong the life of all kinds of vehicle information, such as parking permits. It effectively prevents wear and tear that can occur with daily use, such as tearing, scratching and bending. Our handicap placard protector is constructed with clear, sturdy plastic and has handy built-in hanger that’s easy to use. Keep your vehicle’s information close at hand and protected with this disabled placard sleeve cover from Miles Kimball!

Our placard sleeve measures 4 3/4" wide x 11 1/2" long.

Miles Kimball has hundreds of affordable, hard-to-find items on our site. Don’t miss our other auto and travel products, designed to keep you keep you efficient and well-organized throughout your busy day.

  • Made with clear plastic
  • Placard-protecting plastic sleeve
  • Built-in hanger secures easily to rear view mirror
  • Measures 4 3/4" W x 11 1/2" L
  • Fits California permits
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