Gerrit's Satellite 100-ct. Wafers Tub, 4.41 oz.


Remember how these light and crisp flying saucer wafers melt in your mouth until you reach the fruity treasures within? All-original Gerrit's Satellite Wafers feature that memorable crisp cornstarch outer shell and crunchy, fruit-flavored candy beads inside. This nostalgic candy favorite makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys classic candy from the 1950s—or anyone new to these blue, yellow, white and pink delights! No gluten, no nuts, no GMO. 4.41-oz. tub includes approx. 100 wafer candies.
  • 4.41-oz. tub includes approx. 100 wafer candies
  • Crisp cornstarch outer shell melts away to reveal fruit-flavored candy beads inside
  • A classic candy from the 1950s
  • Makes a great gift for any nostalgic candy lover
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