Garden Hands™ Set of 2



Transform your yard work with the Garden Hands™ Set, a dynamic duo designed to make tidying up your outdoor spaces not just easier, but also more efficient. These oversized leaf scoops are ergonomically engineered to fit comfortably over your hands like gloves, allowing you to pick up large piles of leaves, debris, and garden waste without straining.

Dubbed as 'leaf hands,' these hand rakes boast a generous size that significantly increases the volume of material you can gather in one go compared to traditional tools. Made from durable plastic with a rugged design, they resist wear and tear from branches and thorns while protecting your actual hands from dirt and scratches.

The clever wrist support design ensures each scoop stays securely on as you work; no slipping or readjusting necessary. Their bright green color isn't just for show—it makes them easy to spot when it's time for cleanup after pruning or mowing.

Whether dealing with autumn's fallen foliage or springtime clippings, these leaf scoops are indispensable companions for any gardening enthusiast looking for an effective way to clear their lawns and flower beds quickly. With this set at the ready by your shed door or garage wall, tackling those landscaping chores becomes less daunting—and perhaps even enjoyable!

  • Adjustable handles
  • Forked scoops
  • Your hands stay clean and protected
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Set of 2, Each 14" W x 11" L
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