Furnace Vent Extender



Extend the range of your furnace vents with our clever Furnace Vent Extender from Miles Kimball. This vent extender is ideal for those vents that are located under couches, bureaus, pianos, desks, beds and more. Put an end to blowing hot or cold air under your furniture and redirect the heating or cooling to where it belongs. With this convenient vent extender piece, you can quickly and easily expand your furnace vent — between 20" and 36".

Made from clear, durable plastic and very easy to use, this vent extender is a must-have for any home that has traditional floor vents that are not always in the most convenient places. Don't limit your furniture placement throughout your home because of floor vents: with our vent extenders, you can quickly and easily redirect the heat and position your furniture how you want it. It also benefits the health of your antique furniture and prevents antique wood furniture from drying out. While you're visiting Miles Kimball, we hope you'll check out our other super-clever home heating hacks and useful tools in our Home Maintenance section of the website. Here you'll find those hard-to-find yet highly useful home innovation items that will help you solve your frustrating home maintenance and upkeep problems.

  • Air Deflector – Furnace vent extender redirects cool and warm air from under your bed, furniture and drapes out into your room for total comfort
  • Save Money – Save on your heating and cooling costs all year round, as you redirect the valuable air that can otherwise get trapped and wasted
  • Durable Construction – Designed of thick, durable plastic for long-lasting use, it’s clear color and modern appearance blends into your existing décor
  • Use Anywhere – Perfect for use under dressers, beds, nightstands, chairs, couches, drapes, closets and more, can be used on carpet, hardwood or any floor type
  • Expandable Vent – Air deflector measures 11 inches wide x 1 inch high, vent expands from 20 inches to 36 inches
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