Fabric Edged Envelopes Set of 8



Experience stylish storage solutions with our Fabric Edged Clear Plastic Envelopes. Perfect for organizing a wide array of items, these envelopes combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Crafted from durable plastic, our fabric envelopes are designed to handle anything you throw at them – bills, receipts, coupons or craft supplies. They even work great for kids' artwork or those ever-growing piles of take-out menus. The clear design allows easy visibility while the vibrant fabric edges add a pop of color that can be used as an effective organization system—color coordinate similar items such as green for bills and blue for receipts!

This versatile solution is perfect not just in your home office but also fits right into craft studios, corporate settings or dorm rooms! Each envelope features two matching snap closures ensuring documents stay secure whether stored away at home or taken on-the-go.

Want to impress teachers? Let your child present their book report in one of these chic envelopes—the extra effort will surely stand out! Our set includes 8 pieces: two each in green, yellow, blue and red—all featuring coordinating snap closures. Each envelope measures 10 7/8" long x 15 1/4" wide providing ample space. When it comes to stationery needs look no further than Miles Kimball—we provide unique solutions that make life simpler like this comprehensive set of fabric edged clear plastic envelopes.

  • Made with durable plastic
  • 10 7/8" long x 15 1/4" wide
  • Set of 8 comes in assorted colors
  • Provides stylish storage for important documents and kids' artwork
  • Snap closures ensure documents stay put
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