Easy Release Cake Pan Set of 2



With our essential Easy Release Cake Pans, you'll no longer have to deal with large chunks of cake sticking to the bottom of your pan and messing up your cake-baking and decorating skills. This set of two 8" round cake pans is made from durable aluminum and features a clever 360-degree sweeping "release" lever that quickly and cleanly separates your cake from your pan in one easy motion. Keep your cakes intact with our easy release bakeware pans.

  • Set of 2 Easy Release Cake Pans, Made of Aluminum, 8” Dia.
  • Efficient Baking: Unlike traditional springform cake pans that are prone to leaking, these easy release cake pans are one piece and have a 360-degree lever that sweeps beneath cakes, allowing them to pop out completely intact. The unique design prevents cakes from sticking and helps you create beautiful, professional looking cakes.
  • Practical Design: Each pan weighs just 9 oz and is made of aluminum. Aluminum pans are cost effective and conduct heat well to ensure the cake rises evenly. In addition, the light color of the pan ensures your cake won’t brown too quickly around the edges.
  • Easy to Clean: Keep this set of 2 pans clean with your favorite dish soap. Soak the pan in warm water for a few minutes before washing by hand.
  • Product Specifications: Make flawless cakes, like you are a professional with this lightweight tinplate cake pan set. Each pan measures approximately 1 ½” high with an inside bottom diameter of 8”.
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