Easter Lily Memorial Bouquet by OakRidge™



Honor and remember loved ones with the serene beauty of this Easter Lily Memorial Bouquet by OakRidge™. This exquisite lily bouquet is a heartfelt symbol of renewal and purity, perfect for commemorating significant moments during the Easter season or as a year-round tribute.

Each meticulously crafted easter lily bouquet features full-bodied blooms and rich green leaves that emanate life-like realism. The arrangement's graceful appearance adds an elegant touch to any memorial site, offering solace through its delicate representation of peace and hope.

The durable construction ensures that these easter lily arrangements withstand outdoor elements when placed at gravesites or in garden memorials. They maintain their vibrant look without fading or requiring the maintenance real flowers would demand—a lasting testament to enduring memories.

This artificial floral ensemble provides comfort in remembrance, standing out with its lifelike allure while requiring none of the upkeep associated with fresh bouquets. Whether displayed alone or amongst other florals, it serves as a touching centerpiece dedicated to those held dear—its blossoms silently conveying messages words cannot capture.

With this beautiful Easter Lily Memorial Bouquet by OakRidge™, you can create a tranquil space reflective of cherished times spent together—a timeless homage gracefully encapsulating love's everlasting bloom.

  • Full bouquet of cemetery memorial flowers
  • Bright Easter lilies
  • Includes stake
  • Approx. 23" high
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