Easter Card Assortment, Set of 20



Celebrate the joy and renewal of spring with this delightful Easter Card Assortment Set of 20. Each card in the collection captures the essence of Easter Sunday, featuring a variety of designs that range from whimsical bunnies and colorful eggs to serene nature scenes reflective of the season's beauty.

These Easter greeting cards are thoughtfully crafted to convey warm wishes to friends, family, and loved ones. With a mix of heartfelt sentiments and cheerful greetings inside each card, you're sure to find just the right message for everyone on your list. The quality paper stock provides a pleasant tactile experience for recipients as they open their notes—a small but significant detail that enhances your gesture.

The versatility within this assortment is unmatched; whether you prefer traditional imagery or more contemporary styles—there's an option suited for every taste among these Easter sunday cards. They provide an opportunity not only to connect across miles but also serve as charming keepsakes long after the holiday has passed.

Additionally, these Easter note cards come with coordinating envelopes ready for mailing, simplifying your seasonal correspondence without sacrificing personal touch. Sending out one (or several) from this vibrant selection promises to brighten anyone’s day with thoughtful tokens celebrating life's hopeful resurgence during this special time of year.

  • Easter card assortment
  • Each card measures 4 1/8" x 5 3/8"
  • Set of 20 cards
  • Includes 20 coordinating envelopes
  • 5 secular designs and verses are appropriate for any age
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