Disposable Air Fryer Liners by Chef's Pride™, Set of 50



Make your air frying experience even more convenient with the Air Fryer Disposable Liner Set of 50 by Chef's Pride. These innovative air fryer liners are designed to keep your appliance clean and free from sticky, baked-on messes. No longer will you need to spend time scrubbing or soaking the basket after cooking; simply insert one of these handy liners before use and say goodbye to the hassle.

Crafted from high-quality, non-stick material, these liners ensure that your food slides right off without any residue left behind. The set is specifically tailored for a range of air fryer sizes, providing a perfect fit that doesn't block crucial airflow necessary for achieving that desired crispy finish on all your dishes.

Using an air fryer parchment paper like this not only reduces cleaning time but also extends the life of your device by protecting its surface from wear and tear caused by direct contact with food ingredients. Additionally, they're completely disposable—after cooking, just lift out the liner along with any grease or crumbs and discard it responsibly.

These versatile accessories allow health-conscious cooks to enjoy their favorite fried foods without extra oils while keeping maintenance minimal—a must-have for anyone who values both convenience in meal prep and cleanliness in their kitchen gadgets.

  • designed in durable, food-grade parchment
  • Set of 50 liners, each 6 1/4" dia. at the bottom x 1 3/4" high x 9" dia. at the top
  • Sized to fit most standard air fryers
  • Reduces cleanup time and messes
  • By Chef's Pride™
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