Deviled Egg Keeper



The Deviled Egg Container from Miles Kimball brings devilish ease to entertaining! Take your signature deviled eggs to any party without worrying about destroying them in transit with this high-quality deviled egg carrier designed specifically to fit eggs — 20 of them, to be exact! With 20 recessed grooves in the interior section, our Deviled Egg Container keeps your hors d'oeuvres perfectly intact on the way to the party. Serve your deviled eggs easily in this deviled egg holder by simply removing the lid. Then keep any leftovers fresh with the tight-fitting lid that makes our Deviled Egg Container a great value.

  • Unique Design: This container holds up to 20 deviled eggs and was designed with special cupped grooves so they will not slide off or get crushed during transit or while serving everyone’s favorite party snack.
  • Versatile: This tray can be used to store deviled eggs in the fridge before dinnertime and as a serving tray making it perfect for holiday parties, barbeques or potlucks!
  • Easy Transport: Each deviled egg keeper comes with a snug-tight lid, keeping your snacks inside the container during transport. The rectangular shaped container gives you the ability to stack other food or containers on top. As a bonus, the snug-tight lid keeps the aroma inside, without overtaking the entire fridge.
  • Easy to Clean: Making deviled eggs can be time consuming, but cleanup doesn’t have to be. Our deviled egg keeper is dishwasher safe and saves you time in the kitchen!
  • Product Details: This egg carrier is made of durable polypropylene and is BPA free. The space saving design measures 12” x 8 ½” x 2 ½”.
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