Crazy Daisy Sprinkler


If you love watering your lawn or garden without lifting a finger, you'll be crazy about this daisy-shaped automatic sprinkler! And your kids or grandkids will be just as crazy about the big yellow daisy that dances and twists with crazy turns … constantly spraying for splashing wet fun on a warm summer day. Inspired by a nostalgic toy from the 1990s, the flower yard sprinkler waters your yard, entertains your family, and can give your dog a playful shower as it flails around spraying cool hose water. Offering decorative charm when not in use, the bright daisy hose sprinkler stakes in the ground and connects to your garden hose for convenient, hands-free watering you can easily move around your yard or garden. The Crazy Daisy Sprinkler features a sturdy plastic base with hose connector, and flexible plastic neck that allows it to dance and move when the water turns on. Lawn sprinkler measures 27" long.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Weather-resistant plastic
  • 27" long
  • Connects to any standard garden hose
  • Daisy dances and twists while watering
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