Cooling Pain Relief Patches, Set of 8


Get soothing pain relief fast with these Cooling Pain Relief Patches. These innovative adhesive gel patches provide natural cooling without the need for refrigeration. Ideal for many different types of pain relief, from migraines and sinus pain to fevers and muscle or joint aches. Easy to apply, just peel off the clear backing and place them where you need relief. The comfortable adhesive ensures these pain patches stay in place, so you can move freely without worrying about them slipping. Plus, the adhesive won't leave any sticky residue behind. Disposable, just discard after use. For external use only. Set of 8 disposable pain relief patches. Each patch is 2" x 6".
  • Disposable pain relief patches
  • Set of 8 patches, each is 2" x 6"
  • Comfortable adhesive ensures they stay in place
  • For external use only
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