Cooking With Kids Cookbook


Help kids learn to cook while spending quality, memory-making time together! Filled with 101 easy recipes using simple ingredients, this Cooking With Kids Cookbook is a great way to teach important life skills like independence, math and science. Kids love the clear instructions, helpful visuals and engaging color photography. Parents and grandparents love that the cooking recipes are educational and include 3 levels of difficulty to build confidence and success. Kid-approved favorites include smoothies, Hawaiian waffles, grilled cheese, pizza, PB power balls, chicken quesadillas, cookies, popsicles and Friday-night popcorn! Makes a great gift for all ages! 216 pages. 8" long x 10" wide.
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  • 8" long x 10" wide overall
  • 216 pages
  • Includes 101 easy recipes using simple ingredients
  • Recipes are educational and include 3 levels of difficulty to build confidence and success
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